Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky is a decentralized Twitter, clone?

What is Bluesky, and how do I obtain an invite code?

You may find this method of socializing, which is different from Twitter, to be very intriguing. The same guys that founded Twitter also developed Bluesky, a competitor to the dominant social networking platform. Bluesky is still in its early phases, and while it is now available for download, there is a small issue. You have to wait in line to get an invite code in order to join the Bluesky community.

Later, you will use the code to create your Bluesky account. You undoubtedly belong to the group of men searching for the codes. We’ve got your back, though! We created a guide for anyone looking for other options.

What is Bluesky?

The decentralized social media platform Bluesky is being created by a group of programmers, including former Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey as well as Jay Graber (formerly a Zcash developer). In comparison to more established social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, the platform is being developed to be more decentralized.

Bluesky is still in its early stages, thus there are still many questions that remain unresolved. However, it promises to offer a fresh approach for

Despite having a revolutionary idea, Bluesky still heavily borrows from Twitter. On Twitter, there are more similarities than differences. The key reason behind this is that the same guys that created Twitter also created Bluesky.

How to get invite codes

Bluesky is not yet accessible to the general public as it is currently in the early stages of development. To test the platform, select Bluesky users who have received invite codes. Joining a waiting list on the Bluesky social website is one way to obtain these invite codes. Just enter your email address and wait for the codes to arrive.

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Asking Bluesky users who are currently logged onto the platform for invite codes is another option. You can try keeping an eye out for Bluesky subscribers who are handing out invite codes to obtain one. Some of them are active on additional social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. once you secure an invitation

How to use Bluesky Invite Code

Follow these simple steps on how to apply the codes:

Go to the staging app.
Create a new account.
For the hosting provider, enter link.
Use the invite code:
Choose your username or user handle.
And you’re good to go!

In the event that these codes are ineffective, another option is to search the r/blueskyinvites subreddit. Just wait patiently for kind Bluesky users to come along. On a related point, you might encounter someone selling invitations, but we strongly advise against doing so.

How and where to download Bluesky

Prior to now, Bluesky could only be downloaded with an invitation. But as of recently, both Android and iOS users can download the Twitter alternative. The initiative is still in its early phases, and beta testing is now taking place. However, interested users can keep up with the project’s development via their official Twitter accounts, the GitHub repository, and the Bluesky website.

Bluesky can be downloaded, but there is a barrier you must clear first: obtaining an invite code. To register for an account and access the Bluesky community while it is in beta, you must these codes.
Have you yet attempted to look for an invite code? Please feel free to comment below with your ideas. Join us for more content.

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