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Google TV 4K update for Chromecast offers a patch for January 2023

Late in January, Google released the first update of the year for the Chromecast with Google TV 4K.

Recently, Google releases a new update with a January 2023 security patch level.

Prior to STTE.220920.016.H1, which was issued in late January, there was only a minor update (from a version released in November) to an Android security patch level for October 2022.

The “bug fixes and performance improvements” phrase is always listed with varied degrees of perceptible changes; this version is 152MB (vs. 148MB).

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What is new in the Google TV update

The changelog for STTE.221215.004.A1 only contains two items:

  • Android security patch level has been updated to Jan 2023
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements
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After updating (26.2 -> 26.5), there is also a firmware upgrade for the Chromecast Remote. 

Google has not yet updated the release notes on its website.

The other change this year was the Google TV home screen revamp, which did not need a new OS version. 

Additionally, this update added new Quick Settings that resemble Android on mobile devices.

Screenshot 156

Please let us know if you notice any changes and whether this update resolves any urgent Chromecast 

with Google TV issues you are currently experiencing in the comments section.

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