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iOS 17 could turn your locked iPhone into an always-on information hub

Apple’s upcoming major iOS release, iOS 17, is expected to introduce a new feature that will transform iPhones into smart home displays when not actively in use. According to reliable sources, the interface will showcase essential information such as weather updates, notifications, and calendar appointments on the iPhone’s locked screen when it is positioned in landscape mode. This move aims to provide users with the functionality offered by standalone smart home products from competitors like Amazon and Alphabet. If these rumors hold true, the feature would be further enhanced by the anticipated launch of larger iPhones in the future.

Expanding the Lock Screen Experience:

With the introduction of lock screen widgets in iOS 16, Apple laid the foundation for providing users with quick access to information. iOS 17 will build upon this feature, enabling users to view additional useful information at a glance on their locked iPhone screens. This enhanced interface will utilize a dark background with bright and large text, ensuring easy readability even from a distance. The intent is to make iPhones more versatile when placed on a desk or nightstand, transforming them into smart home displays.

Delayed Progress for the iPad:

While iOS 17 is expected to introduce the smart home display feature for iPhones, development for a similar interface for the iPad is reportedly not as advanced. Apple has traditionally lagged behind in bringing iPhone features to the iPad. For instance, home screen widgets introduced in iOS 14 only made their way to the iPad with iPadOS 15, and lock screen widgets from iOS 16 are still not available on the iPad. However, it is reasonable to expect that the iPad will eventually receive this feature in future updates.

Potential Insights into Smart Home Displays:

The introduction of the smart home display feature in iOS 17 may provide Apple with valuable data on user interactions with such devices. Reports suggest that Apple is working on a low-cost tablet-like device designed to attach magnetically to walls and stands, serving as a smart home display. This device would have the ability to control lights, thermostats, display videos, and conduct FaceTime calls. While progress on this project has been slow, the data collected through iOS 17’s smart home display feature could contribute to its development.

Anticipation for iOS 17 and the Dawn of a New Era:

Apple’s annual developer conference, where iOS 17 is expected to take the spotlight, is just around the corner. Codenamed Dawn, iOS 17 is generating excitement among Apple enthusiasts and developers alike. The potential introduction of the smart home display feature reflects Apple’s commitment to enhancing user experiences and integrating their devices seamlessly into their daily lives.

If the rumors surrounding iOS 17 are accurate, iPhone users can look forward to their devices serving as smart home displays, showcasing essential information at a glance. This feature will bring the functionality offered by standalone smart home products to iPhones, adding value to their everyday use. While the iPad may not receive the feature immediately, Apple’s incremental approach suggests it may be available in future updates. With iOS 17 and its smart home display feature, Apple continues to innovate and redefine the way we interact with our devices, further solidifying its position as a leader in the tech industry.

The highly anticipated iOS 17 update is expected to revolutionize the mobile device industry. Rumors and leaks suggest that this latest update will introduce a feature that could change how we interact with our iPhones, turning them into an always-on information hub.

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What is an “always-on” information hub?

An always-on information hub is a device that allows users to access information from their locked iPhone screens without having to unlock their device. This means that you can perform a range of tasks, such as checking the weather, making a call, or setting alarms, without having to unlock your phone.

How does iOS 17 enable an always-on information hub?

The always-on information hub feature is rumored to be made possible by the introduction of an OLED screen. Unlike traditional LCD screens, OLED screens can display information on specific pixels without turning on the entire screen, thus reducing the battery consumption. This would allow essential information, such as the time, date, and notifications, to be displayed constantly without draining the phone’s battery.

What are the benefits of an Always-On Information Hub?

The introduction of an always-on information hub opens up new possibilities for how we interact with our mobile devices. It offers several benefits, including:

  • Convenience: With an always-on information hub, you can check the time, weather, or your notifications at a glance, without having to unlock your phone.
  • Improved productivity: This feature can save time and increase productivity by making it easier to access essential information.
  • Battery-saving: Since only minimal pixels of the screen are utilized, this feature will not consume much battery leading to long-lasting battery life.

Are there any concerns regarding an Always-On Information Hub?

Despite the potential benefits of an always-on information hub, there are some concerns regarding its implementation. Mainly, it is how secure it would be, especially when it comes to displaying sensitive information on the locked screen. However, Apple’s promising to address potential security and privacy issues ahead of its public release.

When is iOS 17 expected to release?

Apple typically announces new versions of its operating system at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) event in June, and the new updates are then released usually in September. So, if Apple follows the same trend, we can expect iOS 17 to release sometime between September 2022 and early 2023.

How to enable or disable the always-on information hub feature on iOS 17?

Apple has not yet confirmed whether users will be able to enable or disable the always-on information hub feature. However, based on previous trends, we could expect Apple to give users the option to turn off this feature.

Can an always-on information hub cause any damage to the iPhone screen?

There’s no evidence that an always-on information hub could cause any damage to the iPhone screen. As long as the screen is produced and maintained by keeping industry standards, users need not worry about their iPhone screens.

Is the always-on information hub feature exclusive to the iPhone?

Currently, there is no information that suggests that the always-on information hub feature is exclusive to the iPhone. It is possible that the feature may eventually roll out to other mobile devices, such as Android phones, in due course.


iOS 17’s rumored always-on information hub feature holds tremendous potential to make our daily lives more convenient, productive, and information-rich. With this feature, Apple has once again set the bar high for the mobile device industry. We eagerly await its release and the exciting possibilities that it offers.


  1. Can users customize the information that is displayed on the always-on information hub feature?
  2. While there has been no confirmation from Apple, it is expected that users will be able to customize the information that they want displayed on the always-on information hub feature.
  3. Will the always-on information hub feature consume more battery compared to older iPhone models?
  4. Since the always-on information hub will only display minimal pixels onto the screen and the screen will be an OLED screen, which produces brighter colors with less power consumption, it is unlikely that it will consume more battery compared to other iPhone models.
  5. Can the always-on information hub feature be turned off?
  6. Apple has not confirmed whether users will be able to enable or disable the always-on information hub feature, but if it follows previous trends from Apple, users will have the option to turn off this feature.
  7. Will the always-on information hub feature be available on all iPhone models?
  8. It is unclear whether the always-on information hub feature will be available on all iPhone models. It will only be available on those devices that can support this feature due to differences in hardware.
  • What other features can we expect from iOS 17?

Other expected features that might be included in iOS 17 includes the virtual technology called Metaverse, new privacy options, new emojis, and many more.

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