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eFootball 2023: The best cheap players for starters

The latest edition of eFootball 2022 is currently upon us. Yeah! I know, Konami is still finishing the portable rendition and setting up the next update (which will incorporate crossplay in eFootball 2022 across gaming platforms, alongside other succulent upgrades) the greatest case of this title is Dream Team. with this new game mode you are able to recruit your own squad that can include players from across the globe and challenge other players on eFootball 2022.

However, recruiting your own squad on eFootball 2022 requires coins and GP which are at a limited amount for new users. It is important to have a good team with good footballers, especially if you desire to defeat other online players. So getting the best value players for the limited coins and GP available is what we intend to help you achieve, with our list of the best 30 cheap players on eFootball 2022

The compilation takes into account the quality/price ratio, and players for all positions that will make a competitive first team to challenge online and against friends in eFootball 2022. With the GP gifted by Konami to users before the release of eFootball 2022 and the compensations (in form of coins and GP) for bugs, you are good to go.

The Best cheap players to start with on eFootball 2022 based on Quality/price ratio.

In this compilation, with less than 300,000 GP you can sign a complete squad in Dream Team, not only with a great offensive starting lineup, but also a good core of players that has the potential to increase their stats up to 30 levels or even more while undergoing training, which is very important for progression.

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The best players for less than 43,000 GP

  • G. Buffon (GK) – 15,000 GP
  • T. Meunier (RB) – 22,000 GP
  • J. Tah (CB) – 32,000 GP
  • W. Fofana (CB) – 43,000 GP
  • Alex Telles (LB) – 32,000 GP
  • Danilo Pereira (DMF) – 32,000 GP
  • Marcos Alonso (LB) – 34,000 GP
  • T. Mings (CB) – 34,000 GP
  • Gavi (CMF) – 39,000 GP
  • E. Camavinga (CMF) – 43,000 GP

The best players between 47,000 GP – 51,000 GP

  • J. Ward-Prowse (CMF) – 47,000 GP
  • J. Gomez (CB) – 47,000 GP
  • W. McKeenie (CMF) – 47,000 GP
  • Anthony Lopes (GK) – 51,000 GP
  • C. Aránguiz (DMF) – 51,000 GP
  • W. Barrios (DMF) – 51,000 GP
  • I. Gueye (CMF) – 51,000 GP
  • G. Bale (RWF) – 51,000 GP
  • K. Manolas (CB) – 51,000 GP
  • A. Lacazette (CF) – 51,000 GP
The best players between 60,000 GP – 100,000 GP
  • Diego Carlos (CB) – 76,000 GP
  • P. Aubameyang (CF) – 76,000 GP
  • Morata (CF) – 76,000 GP
  • J. Vardy (CF) – 76,000 GP
  • T. Werner (CF) – 76,000 GP
  • A. Gómez (AMF) – 82,000 GP
  • N. Fekir (AMF) – 82,000 GP
  • E. Martínez (GK) – 80,000 GP
  • M. Ødegaard (AMF) – 100,000 GP
  • E. Cavani (CF) – 82,000 GP

we recommend that while building your squad you focus on signing a prolific striker to score goals easily and good goalkeeper to save you from conseeding a lot of goals. For the best playstyles and team coach to sign you can check out our next blog.

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