Android 13 21 Best New Features You Should Check Out

Android 13: Discover the 21 Best New Features You Should Know

If you’re curious about the new features coming with Android 13 but don’t have a Pixel phone, this article is for you. We will explore some of the exciting features that have been announced so far. Google is currently rolling out the third beta build of Android 13, and Pixel phone owners can already install the Android 13 beta.

Best Android 13 Features (Beta 1)

1. New Material You Color Styles

Android 13 introduces 16 new color options, giving you more customization freedom with the Material You theming system.

2. Edit Text from Clipboard

You can now make quick edits to copied text in Android 13. It adds a pencil icon to easily modify the content before pasting. It also offers options to call, message, or open links when copying a number or URL.

3. Updated Progress Bar in Media Player

Google has improved the media player progress bar in Android 13. It features a squiggly line that adds a lively feel while playing music.

4. Faster Access to QR Code Scanning

With the growing use of QR codes, Android 13 makes it more convenient to access the QR code scanner. You can access it from your phone’s lock screen and even have a Quick Settings tile for quick access.

5. Control Smart Home Devices From Lock Screen

Android 13 allows users to control their smart home devices directly from the lock screen without unlocking their phones. This feature adds extra convenience to everyday life.

6. Quick Tap to Enable Flashlight

Similar to Android 12’s double-tap gestures, Android 13 introduces the ability to toggle the flashlight by double-tapping the back of your phone. This is especially useful for frequent flashlight users.

7. Redesigned Audio Output Picker

The media output picker in Android 13 has been redesigned to resemble Android 12’s Quick Settings tiles visually. It lets you switch between available output devices like Bluetooth headphones or phone speakers.

8. Updated Permission Requests

Android 13 introduces granular permissions for accessing images, videos, and audio files. Instead of a general READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission, apps can now request specific media file permissions for improved user experience.

9. Flashlight Alert on At a Glance Widget

Android 13 integrates with the At a Glance widget to alert you when the flashlight is turned on. This helps prevent accidentally draining the phone’s battery.

10. Panlingual App-Specific Languages

Android 13 introduces the ability to set languages on a per-app basis. This is useful for multilingual users who may want to use specific apps in one language while keeping the rest of the phone in another language.

In addition to the mentioned features, there are also some leaked or hidden features of Android 13 that haven’t been officially released yet:

  • Themed icons for third-party apps
  • Weekly view in the Privacy Dashboard
  • Tap to transfer media playback between devices
  • New photo picker for enhanced file picking experience and privacy protection

Overall, Android 13 brings a range of new and improved features that enhance customization, accessibility, and convenience for users. Stay tuned for more updates!


1. Can I install the Android 13 beta if I don’t own a Pixel phone?

No, the Android 13 beta is currently limited to Pixel phone owners. However, once the stable version is released, it may become available for other Android devices.

2. Are there any security features in Android 13?

While this article mainly focuses on new features, Android 13 also includes various security enhancements to protect users’ data and privacy.

3. How can I stay updated on Android 13 releases?

Keep an eye on official announcements from Google, follow tech news websites, and subscribe to reputable Android-related blogs and newsletters for the latest updates on Android 13.

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