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Google Home web view is out with enhanced desktop experience.

Google Home web view

Google has begun pushing out its desktop web view for Google Home known as Google Home web view. Users may now monitor their Nest cameras from their PCs thanks to the updated experience. The preview should be accessible to users this week and supports earlier Nest cameras as well.

Google on the webpage said that the Home and Nest apps web versions had been enhanced to make the most of your computer’s larger screen and mouse. For instance, you can watch several Nest cameras’ live broadcasts at once or let the live stream play in the background as you do other things.

Google has been hard at work revamping its smart home efforts with features, redesigns, and making it more accessible. The company recently announced a new desktop experience for the Google Home app, which has already started rolling out.

Users may access their Nest cameras directly from their computers with the new Google Home web view. The Next Community announcement makes it sound like a rather feature-rich experience, giving users the option to monitor their live feeds in full-screen mode or switch to multi-cam views if they want to see their property from other perspectives.

To get started with Google Home web

  • You have to use a browser that supports WebRTC and Media Source Extensions to access home.google.com (MSE).
  • Log in with the Google Account you use to operate your cameras from a mobile device.
  • Go to home.google.com and login in with the account you use for the Google Home app to access the updated view.

However, Google pointed out that the Google Home for web is not supported by Internet Explorer. Google Home for web does not support cameras that were initially configured using the Nest app on iPhones and iPads. Therefore, it’s possible that older cameras, like the Nest Cam from the first generation, won’t show up. As they work to make improvements and add additional well-liked camera functions, Google Home for the web will be accessible as a preview. The Google Home for browser preview will not include all of the functions that are available in the mobile Google Home app or Nest app.

Google Home web
Google Home web view

Managing cameras with the Google Home web view

With Google Home web view If your home only has one Nest camera, the Google Home Web view will automatically display the live stream and controls in a single view.

You can select how to view your Nest cameras on the screen of your browser if you own more than one.

Along with the imminent Google Home app revamp with early preview, which will completely transform the smartphone experience, the new web view was just raised expectations. So far, some new features have already begun to surface, including device triggers and a brand-new “home” option for routines.

Google’s recent shift to enhancing the smart home experience and Matter’s recent launch of the Matter 1.0 standard and certification program appear to be related. No matter what ecosystem consumers select, Matter will provide them with more control over smart home gadgets.

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