Frequently Asked Questions What does Chromecast with Google TV do? Google Chromecast plugs into your TV and grants easy access to multiple streaming services, from Netflix and YouTube to Google Play. What is the difference between Chromecast and Chromecast with Google TV? Simply put, it costs $20 more and includes a ton of apps. Google’s streaming gadget now closely resembles the Fire TV sticks and Rokus with which it has always competed thanks to the Chromecast and Google TV. The fact that there is an interaction suggests that it is the most significant distinction. You can utilize 6,500 Android TV apps with the Chromecast with Google TV, so Chromecast support isn’t your only option. Software upgrades are also available for the Chromecast with Google TV; however, it seems that they are not for the other Chromecasts. These upgrades have improved the storage optimizations (which should provide customers more storage space), as well as the support for Dolby Vision, HDR HLG, and DRM-protected content, on the Chromecast with Google TV. Additionally, you may put down your phone and concentrate on what is on your TV by using the full remote that comes with your stream. While the Chromecast has a 1080p maximum resolution, the Chromecast with Google TV supports 4K video quality with Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HDR10+. Does Chromecast have voice controls? Voice commands are available on the newest Chromecast with Google TV model. By pressing the Google Assistant button on the remote, you can use voice commands and even have the UI adapt to your voice. Prior to today, you had to use a Google Home device to channel your Chromecast requests, but now you can use Google Assistant directly to issue voice commands. The Chromecast’s control has a Google Assistant button, making it more simpler to use if you purchase it along with Google TV. Although Google offers comprehensive Chromecast setup instructions, the functionality is rather obvious. You can easily cast music and videos to your TV by connecting your Chromecast and phone to the same network. Do I need Chromecast if I have a Smart TV? If you already own a smart TV, you probably won’t need a Chromecast because many popular apps, like Netflix, are already included. You might think about a Chromecast instead because smart TVs are the more expensive alternative and most smart TV have different operating systems that are not based on android OS and have fewer apps available on their dedicated app store. Read: Chromecast with Google TV latest new free upgrade What is Chromecast and how does it work? Chromecast is a streaming gadget that connects to your TV and the internet to allow you to broadcast video to your television. It employs the “Google Cast” protocol to let you to easily stream music, video, or images to your TV screen. Do I have to pay a monthly fee for using Chromecast? After you acquire the Chromecast gadget, there is no monthly fee. However, other apps, such as Netflix, are not free and require a monthly or annual subscription charge. Other apps, such as YouTube, remain free. Is Chromecast with google tv available in my region? To confirm if Chromecast with google TV is available in your location check out the google official store to see the available location Where is the Google Chromecast extension? I wasted a lot of time hunting for a Chromecast extension, but you don’t need to install anything to enable Chrome to work with Chromecast. If you don’t see a Chromecast button in the menu bar, click the three dots in the top right corner and choose Cast. Then you can see the devices that can send video to your TV. To maintain the button, right-click on the Cast logo and choose the Always show icon. What can I watch on Google Chromecast? Chromecast can play video and audio content from a variety of services. Many of these are tracked by Google on its official website, though there is no comprehensive list. Since Google introduced the Chromecast software development kit, new apps have started appearing on a regular basis, so keep a watch out for more apps. Furthermore, the Chromecast with Google TV expands your streaming options to include over 5000 Android TV apps. That’s why it’s no longer only one of the best wireless screen-mirroring gadgets. We recently learned that the Chromecast with Google TV will soon have an Apple TV app, joining the likes of HBO Max, Netflix, and others. Can I travel with a Chromecast? The Chromecast may appear to be a blessing for regular travelers due to its tiny size and simple setup. Chromecast, on the other hand, does not allow captive portals, which are networks that demand browser-based logins. As a result, the Chromecast isn’t very useful in most hotels or universities. Still, if you bring your Chromecast with you and find a Wi-Fi network without a captive gateway, changing the login information is simple. Are there any Chromecast alternatives? Yes, but it also relies on your financial situation. You can also stream entertainment to your TV with a Roku Express 4K Plus for $39. However, the Chromecast’s overall appearance is superior. Similar to a Roku device, the $179 Apple TV 4K can stream content (such as games) from your iPhone or iPad to your TV. A PS4 or Xbox One may also be used to stream media, but both systems are incredibly expensive. How does Google Stadia work with Chromecast? The company’s game streaming service, Google Stadia, can be accessed from anywhere, but in order to cast it to your TV using a Chromecast, you’ll either need the now-discontinued Chromecast Ultra or the Chromecast with Google TV from 2021.

Chromecast with Google TV latest new free upgrade for users

It’s no news now that users of Chromecast with Google TV will now be able to customize the experience from today

IMG 06601
Chromecast with Google TV

You already have a very beautiful TV-watching setup if you own one of Google’s superb Chromecast streaming gadgets. However, things can always be better, and Google is introducing a Chromecast update that makes the entire experience even more personal.

According to Android Central, Google debuted a version of this functionality in October of last year, although the whole UI appears to have progressed much since then.

Chromecast users around the world will soon be able to use personalized screensavers that show items like sports scores, news, weather, personal photos, and more, this is according to a tweet from Google.

Google's tweet
Google’s tweet on Chromecast with Google TV update

Google’s support page goes into more detail regarding the feature, including how to set it up and modify the screensavers. Users can currently perform one of three things, but Google claims that this will change over time.

According to Google, the feature is enabled by default, which means that all Chromecast users can utilize it right now. But If you don’t want it right now, then, go to Settings > Accounts & Sign in > Google Account > Google Assistant and then select Never show proactively.

below are the steps to follow to get this awesome addition to Chromecast with Google TV

Change the screen saver on Chromecast with Google TV

When you’re not watching TV, you have control over what appears on the screen.

Choose your screen saver on Chromecast with Google TV

From the Google TV home screen, at the top right, go to the user profile icon and select Settings.

1. Select System and then Ambient mode.

Choose what you want to show:

Google Photos: Choose photos or albums saved in your Google Photos account.

Art gallery: Choose featured photos, fine art, and more.

Experimental: Try out new sources and content.

Change photo settings on Chromecast with Google TV

On your phone, open Google Home Home.

  1. Select your TV.
  2. At the top right, tap Settings Settings and then Ambient mode and then Google Photos.
  3. Select the photos or albums you want to show on your TV.

Customize settings on Chromecast with Google TV

From the Google TV home screen, go to the user profile icon at the top right and select Settings.

  1. Select System and then Ambient mode.
  2. Under “More settings,” choose:
  3. Personal photo data: Show or hide the owners and album names.
  4. Portrait Google Photos: Choose if photos can show in portrait orientation.
  5. Personal photo curation: Choose which albums are included.
  6. Slideshow speed: Choose how long a photo stays on the screen.

Show weather & time on your screen saver

From the Google TV home screen, go to the user profile icon at the top right and select Settings.

  1. Select System and then Ambient mode.
  2. Under “More settings,” choose:
  3. Weather: Choose °C°F, or Both.
  4. Time: Choose to show or hide the time.
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