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7 Best AI Coding Tools You Should Use Right Now

Generative AI technologies have revolutionized the field of artificial intelligence, leading to the development of various innovative tools and applications. One area that has seen significant advancements is AI coding tools, which assist software developers in various tasks such as code generation, bug fixing, code explanation, and much more. In this article, we will explore some of the top AI coding tools available today.

1. GitHub Copilot X:

GitHub Copilot X is an exceptional AI coding tool that is highly recommended for developers. It serves as an AI assistant, offering features such as code completion, code explanation, debugging, and more. Powered by the powerful GPT-4 model, GitHub Copilot X outperforms its predecessor, the OpenAI Codex model.

Designed to be a supportive AI companion rather than a replacement, GitHub Copilot X seamlessly integrates into your workflow. It provides contextual suggestions, fixes code, translates code, writes unit tests, and much more. With personalized assistance, it eliminates the need to read extensive documentation by providing answers to queries.

github copilot x demo AI Coding
source GitHub

Moreover, GitHub Copilot X keeps track of pull requests and suggests descriptions for code changes, ensuring comprehensive updates for all code merges. It is compatible with popular terminals and IDEs like VS Code, Visual Studio, JetBrains, Neovim, and supports multiple programming languages including C, C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, TypeScript, and more.

According to Microsoft’s research, GitHub Copilot X has significantly increased developers’ productivity and satisfaction. It enabled 74% of developers to focus more on fulfilling work and helped 96% of users accomplish repetitive coding tasks much faster.

Please note that GitHub Copilot X is currently not available to everyone. Individual users or businesses already using GitHub Copilot can join the waitlist for Copilot X. Pricing details for Copilot X are yet to be determined, while Copilot itself costs $10 per month.

To learn more about GitHub Copilot X, visit the official website.

2. CodeGPT: AI Coding Tool

For developers who extensively use VS Code, CodeGPT is a must-try AI coding tool. Developed by Daniel San as a third-party extension for VS Code, CodeGPT integrates ChatGPT models, including GPT-4, into the editor. With CodeGPT, developers can ask coding-related questions, generate code, explain code snippets, find solutions for problems, refactor code, write unit tests, and much more.

codegpt features

Supporting 16 programming languages, CodeGPT allows users to add API keys from various AI services such as Cohere, Anthropic, AI21 Labs, HuggingFace, and others. It provides comprehensive assistance and is a valuable tool for developers seeking AI-powered coding support in their everyday projects.

To learn more about CodeGPT, visit the official website.

3. Codey and Studio Bot by Google:

Google has also stepped into the field of AI coding assistants with Codey and Studio Bot. Codey is a coding AI assistant available on Google Colab, offering in-line code suggestions, code generation, autocomplete, debugging, and more. It is built on Google’s PaLM 2 model and currently supports Python. While the feature is accessible only to users in the US, it will gradually roll out to other regions.

google colab AI demo

Studio Bot, on the other hand, is an AI companion for Android developers, which can be used within Android Studio. This experimental technology allows developers to generate code, create test cases, and update APIs for better compliance. Studio Bot is currently available to US developers, with plans to expand its availability worldwide.

To explore Codey on Google Colab and Studio Bot for Android Studio, follow the provided links.Check out Codey on Google Colab
Check out Studio Bot for Android Studio

4. Replit Ghostwriter:

Replit presents Ghostwriter, an AI coding tool powered by their in-house large language model. Ghostwriter offers a wide range of functionalities, including code completion, code generation, code transformation, code enhancement, code explanation, chat support, debugging, and more. It takes into account the context of your project to provide relevant responses and can automatically detect issues in your code, offering suitable solutions.

replit ghostwriter debugging
Source: Replit

Supporting 16 programming languages, including Bash, C, C#, C++, CSS, Go, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, and more, Replit Ghostwriter helps users dive into unfamiliar code bases and start working with different frameworks, APIs, and languages. To access Replit Ghostwriter, a subscription to the Pro plan is required, priced at $20 per month. The Pro plan also provides additional benefits such as a fast workspace, high resource limits, unlimited private Repls, SSH access, and more.

To learn more about Replit Ghostwriter and its features, visit the official website.

5. Amazon CodeWhisperer:

In the race of AI coding tools, Amazon introduces CodeWhisperer, a coding-specific large language model (LLM). Trained on billions of lines of code, CodeWhisperer can generate in-line code similar to GitHub Copilot X. Simply by writing a comment, CodeWhisperer can generate complete functions based on the existing code.

Amazon CodeWhisperer demo
Source: Amazon

CodeWhisperer also incorporates code security features, scanning and analyzing code to identify vulnerabilities and loopholes, allowing developers to address them promptly. It can be used across multiple popular IDEs such as VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and supports languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, and more. The best part is that CodeWhisperer is available for free, providing unlimited code suggestions.

To explore Amazon CodeWhisperer and its capabilities, visit the official website.

6. GPT Engineer:

GPT Engineer is an open-source project that has gained popularity among developers as one of the best AI coding tools in 2023. With over 11K stars on GitHub and continuous updates from various contributors, GPT Engineer is an AI Agent specifically designed for building entire codebases for projects.

To use GPT Engineer, developers need to provide the agent with their desired project specifications. The agent then asks several questions for clarification before proceeding with building the codebase. Unlike other AI coding tools, GPT Engineer boasts a high success rate, with developers successfully building complete codebases using this project. OpenAI API, specifically the GPT-4 API, is required to utilize GPT Engineer.

To explore GPT Engineer and its features, visit the GitHub repository.


Q1. What are AI coding tools?
AI coding tools are software applications that utilize generative AI models to assist developers in various programming tasks such as code generation, bug fixing, code explanation, and more. These tools aim to enhance productivity and provide valuable support throughout the software development process.

Q2. How do AI coding tools work?
AI coding tools are powered by large language models that have been trained on vast amounts of code. These models leverage generative AI techniques to understand context, provide relevant code suggestions, generate code snippets, and assist developers in various programming tasks. Developers can interact with these tools through text-based interfaces, integrated into popular IDEs or web platforms.

Q3. Can AI coding tools replace human developers?
AI coding tools are designed to assist developers, not replace them. While these tools can automate certain repetitive and time-consuming tasks, human expertise and creativity are still crucial in software development. AI coding tools are meant to complement developers’ skills, enhance productivity, and provide support throughout development.

Q4. Are AI coding tools compatible with different programming languages?
Yes, many AI coding tools support multiple programming languages. Some tools, such as GitHub Copilot X and Replit Ghostwriter, offer compatibility with a wide range of programming languages, including popular ones like Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, and more. Developers can choose a tool that aligns with their preferred programming language.

Q5. Are AI coding tools accessible to everyone?
The availability of AI coding tools may vary. Some tools, like GitHub Copilot X, may have waitlists or limited access. Developers need to check the availability and requirements of each tool to determine eligibility.

Q6. Can AI coding tools introduce security vulnerabilities?
While AI coding tools strive to provide secure code suggestions and identify vulnerabilities, it is crucial for developers to ensure code review and maintain security practices. Although AI coding tools can assist in finding issues and offering solutions, it is the responsibility of the developers to ensure code quality and security.

In conclusion, the field of AI coding tools has witnessed significant advancements, offering developers valuable support in various programming tasks. From GitHub Copilot X to CodeGPT, Codey, Studio Bot, Replit Ghostwriter, Amazon CodeWhisperer, GPT Engineer, and ChatGPT 4, developers have a wide range of powerful tools at their disposal. These AI coding tools, along with human expertise, can greatly enhance the software development process and accelerate productivity

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