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Google Drive: Free Google Workspace Storage Increasing From 15GB to 1TB.

Google Workspace
Google Workspace

1 TB of safe cloud storage for every Google Workspace Individual account will soon be available. No effort is required on your part to obtain the enhanced storage: As we roll out, every account will automatically receive an increase from the 15 GB of storage it now has to 1 TB, as stated on Google’s blog.

    If you use Google Drive, you may have come across the unpleasant notification “your storage is full.”. with the news it will be possible to manage storage for Google Workspace Individual accounts at last. Because cloud storage is dependable and does not require an external device to save data, people have begun to rely significantly on it. The only problem is when people are charged exorbitant fees by cloud storage companies to save their data. These companies usually only offer 5–15 GB of free storage.

    It is important to note that Google is raising the current 15 GB of free storage to 1 TB. It is planning to help users grow their businesses, communicate, and work more efficiently. This upgrade will be implemented soon, so Google Workspace Individual accounts can take advantage of the extra free storage.

    The previous maximum for each Google account was 15 GB, but you could buy extra space to expand the limit. Users will now immediately receive the 1TB storage upgrade.

    With this, you can effortlessly work on and edit Microsoft Office files without converting them. You can also save over 100 different file kinds in Drive, including PDFs, CAD files, and photos. Additionally, Drive has built-in defenses against malware, spam, and ransomware, so you don’t have to worry about unintentionally letting malware in merely by opening a document.

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    What is Google Workspace?

    It is a single, integrated service from Google that offers everything, including Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Meet.

    It includes a collection of communication and productivity programs designed for startups, corporations, organizations, people (more on that later), nonprofits, and education. Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Keep, Meet, Drive, and more productivity tools are included. Google promises improved integration, a better user experience, a new identity, and more with a repackaged Google Workspace.

    Its intention includes helping you keep everyone informed, discuss ideas, and keep track of all your critical information in one location—from videos and photos from your most recent vacation to a Google Sheet with your family’s annual budget—you can build a safe collaboration area in Google Chat. Whether you’re composing a message in Gmail to the entire group or booking a meeting in a shared Calendar, smart recommendations let you bring in recommended files and swiftly include the correct individuals using @-mentions.

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