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14 Free AI Tools You Should Check Out

In this age of artificial intelligence, AI chatbots and tools have become dominant in online conversations. From powerful AI chatbot models like GPT-4 LLM to Google Bard, the market is flooded with AI tools. However, it may surprise you to know that there are many free AI tools available that offer exciting features and simplify certain tasks. If you’re tired of using the best ChatGPT prompts, let’s explore some of the best free AI tools below. We’ll start with image manipulation, an essential task for many individuals. While Photoshop is a popular choice, there are plenty of free AI image tools and generators that can do the job just as well.

Free AI Image Tools

1. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a cutting-edge AI image generator. It offers excellent prompt-to-image accuracy and a range of image modification features like content type, color, tone, lighting, and composition. Adobe asserts that Firefly is the first ethical AI in the world as it does not rely on private data for training. Feel free to explore this tool on Adobe’s website.

 firefly ai tool

2. GFPGAN: Practical Face Restoration Algorithm

GFPGAN is a powerful and practical AI tool that enhances the quality and detail of images using artificial intelligence. With GFPGAN, you can upscale images without the need for an account or any extra steps. Simply upload your image, choose the desired version, and select the rescaling factor. The tool will automatically upscale the images and provide the output for easy download.

3. Palette

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Palette is an AI tool that adds color to black and white images. Using sophisticated AI technology, Palette intelligently adds color to images based on their composition. It worked well in our testing and even offers a few filters for users to experiment with shades. The free version has a size limit of 500x500px, but it is still a useful tool for adding color to your images.

4. Microsoft Bing Image Creator

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Powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E model, Microsoft Bing Image Creator is a free-to-use AI art generator. With just an image prompt, the creator provides an output in seconds. While you get 100 free generations daily, you also get unlimited slow free ones. It’s a convenient tool for generating AI art without any payment requirements.

5. Remove.bg

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Remove.bg is a popular AI image editor that specializes in background removal. It is both fast and accurate, capable of removing the background from any image you provide in just 10 seconds. This tool supports multiple image formats, making it a convenient option for background removal.

AI Writing Apps and Related Tools

6. Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is an AI tool focused on creating designs rather than traditional image generation. It can be used for creating posters, illustrations, campaign artwork, and more. All you need to do is enter a prompt, and the AI tool will generate the design for you. You can also submit your own image and work from there.

7. CLIP Interrogator

CLIP Interrogator is an image manipulation tool that analyzes the origins of an image rather than the photo itself. It helps users generate prompts for AI art creation. The tool works on all types of images, including lifelike artworks. Keep in mind that the process can be time-consuming due to its complexity.

AI Tools for Workflow Enhancement

8. Kickresume

Creating a resume can be a challenging task, but AI-powered tools like Kickresume make it easier. This freemium AI tool helps users create detailed and actionable resumes with the help of artificial intelligence. Simply enter your basic details, and Kickresume will generate full job summaries and pointers for you. It’s a valuable tool for anyone looking to boost their career prospects.

9. GPTZero

Differentiating between human and AI text has become increasingly difficult in today’s AI-driven landscape. That’s where AI plagiarism checkers like GPTZero come in. This free AI tool uses statistical data to measure the perplexity and burstiness of a document, helping determine whether it was generated by AI or written by a human. It supports various text formats, including uploaded files.

10. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is an all-in-one search engine powered by GPT-4. It can intelligently search through various databases while injecting AI into the process. Users can ask follow-up questions based on the AI’s search results, and it even provides sources. You can search multiple sites, including Reddit, YouTube, News, Wikipedia, and the Internet, for in-depth research.

11. Picsart AI Writer

Picsart AI Writer is a collection of various AI tools that can generate content such as ad copy, product descriptions, LinkedIn headlines, webpage copy, summary, and more. Simply input your query, and Picsart will generate the desired content for you. The word limit for the free version is generous, making it one of the best tools available.

12. YouTube & Article Summary powered by ChatGPT

This free AI tool comes in the form of a Chrome extension and allows users to automatically generate summaries of YouTube videos. It pulls in the entire transcript of the video and runs it through ChatGPT to generate an informative summary. This tool is perfect for those who prefer reading summaries instead of watching long videos.

13. Engage AI

Engage AI is a Chrome extension that helps users draft insightful and relevant comments on LinkedIn posts. It works across all kinds of LinkedIn posts and offers different moods to choose from. Engage AI is a valuable tool for those looking to participate actively in conversations on LinkedIn.

AI Tools for Students

14. Socratic by Google Homework

Socratic by Google Homework is an AI-powered tool that helps students with their homework. It can solve complex math problems, provide explanations for specific concepts, and help with various subjects. It’s a useful tool for students looking for assistance with their assignments.


Are these AI tools completely free?

Yes, all the AI tools mentioned in this article have free versions that offer exciting features without requiring any payment.

Can I use these AI tools on mobile devices?

Some of the AI tools mentioned in this article have mobile apps available, while others are web-based and can be accessed on mobile devices through web browsers.

Are these AI tools easy to use?

Yes, most of the AI tools mentioned in this article are user-friendly and intuitive, making them accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Are these AI tools safe to use?

Yes, the AI tools mentioned in this article are generally safe to use. However, it’s always a good idea to exercise caution and read the privacy policies of the tools to understand how your data is used and protected.

Can I trust the accuracy of these AI tools?

While AI tools have come a long way, it’s important to remember that they are not perfect and may have limitations. It’s always a good idea to verify the output of AI tools and use them as tools to enhance your work, rather than relying solely on their output.

In conclusion, there are many free AI tools available that can simplify various tasks and enhance your workflow. Whether you need image manipulation tools or AI-powered writing apps, these tools offer exciting features without requiring any payment. Explore these tools and see how they can benefit you in your daily tasks.

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